The Department of Public Enterprises




   The Department of Public Enterprises was established vide O.M.No. 31(1)/74-O&M) dated February 21,1974 in the Chief Secretary's Branch. In due course, the technical wing of the Department of Public Enterprises i.e. Bureau Public Enterprises was separated from the Secretariat vide G.O. No. 292/chawalis-1-147-77 dt. 31.03.81.

     Thus at present there is a Department of Public Enterprises and its technical wing the Bureau of Public Enterprises (Sarvajanik Udyam Bureau)  as a directorate. The Department is headed by the Principal Secretary/ Secretary who is also normally the ex-officio Director General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises.






Functions of the Department of  Public Enterprises (DPE)




Furnishing  periodic reports to the government on the working  of the State Level Public Enterprises(SLPEs).


Assisting the administrative departments in :-



Making appointments to the Board of Directors and senior managerial positions including Chief Executives.



Scrutinizing , analysing and appraising the feasibility reports, projects, schemes and activities of SLPEs.



Analysing and appraising the Funds Release proposals of SLPEs and recommending releases. 



Assisting the administrative Departments in giving their approvals/comments on the various rules, manuals, funds, procedures etc. of  SLPEs.


Assisting the SLPEs;



In framing their manuals, Rules, Procedures and funds etc.



Giving advice/consultancy on any subject sought by them.



Helping enterprises to prepare and execute reform/rehabilitation/ restructuring packages.



Helping the enterprises in executing closure of activities, retrenchment, implementing voluntary retirement schemes and other terminal activities required as per Law.


Assisting in the decision making process of the SLPEs by participating as a Member of the Board of Directors either as Director or as a Special Invitee.


Rationalization of Pay Structures and implementation of the Pay Commission recommendations in SLPEs .


Laying down Policy guidelines in various areas of management for the guidance of SLPE managements.