Functions of the Bureau  of   Public Enterprises, U.P.




The following activities are being undertaken to fulfill the functions laid out for the Bureau:-

(1)    Periodic Monitoring, Evaluation and Review of SLPEs and presentation of periodic Reports.

(2)    Collection, collation, analysis and manipulation of data of SLPEs for use in policy formulation for the SLPEs.

(3)  Providing technical guidance/consultancy to the Administrative Departments, Department of Public Enterprises,   Department of  Finance etc. and to SLPEs on matters referred for advice.

(4)    Collection, collation and analysis of serial financial data of SLPEs and presentation of analytical consolidated reports regarding the Public Sector to the Govt.

(5)    Monitoring of the progress of completion of Annual Accounts of SLPEs with the objective of reducing the Arrears of Accounts.

(6)    Assisting the Enterprises in the decision making process by participating as a Member of the Board of Directors, either as a Director or as a Special Invitee.

(7)    Assisting SLPEs in formulating strategies for reform, rehabilitation and restructuring and in designing packages for their execution.

(8)    Providing technical advice/consultancy on matters referred by SLPEs themselves or by the Administrative Department.